Open Competitions

Playing in an open competition is a great way to experience one or more of the Braid courses in the Highlands and to meet local and other visiting golfers. To help you plan your visit to the area we have prepared a calendar for 2017 showing all the open events being held by the seven courses in the Braid Highland Trail.

Please click here to view the calendar in a new browser window.

The calendar may be updated from time to time so please send us a message if you wish to be informed of any additions or else use the Calendar Feed option which is explained below.

Calendar Feeds

If you use an app or any other type of online diary then the chances are that you can automatically transfer all or some of the information for the Open Events being held at the seven golf clubs on the James Braid Highland Trail. 

Calendar Feeds allow you to view the dates for all the open events in your calendar product such as Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal and many others. 

Sources of help for some of the more popular calendar products are listed below;

The list of webcal links is shown in the table below and as you can see, you are able to transfer some or all of the events.

To copy any particular link, simply click on it and then follow the instructions in the box which appears at the top of this page.

Open Events for Gentlemen
Open Events for Gentlemen and Ladies
Open Events for Juniors
Open Events for Ladies
Open Events for Mixed Teams
All Open Events at All Clubs
Open EventsPlaying in open events at any of the Braid clubs in the Highlands is a great way to enjoy the courses and meet locals and other Braid enthusiasts.